Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Boost your metabolism by knowing your body part..2

The 3 process of metabolism consists of the following below:

  • Basal Metabolism: 60 % to 65 % percent of calories you eat daily provide the basic energy you need to alive-breathing,circulating blood,organ functioning,ajusting hormon levels,growing and repairing cell and so on.How many and efficiency you burn calories to meet this needs is called basal metabolic rate..If you lie on sofa all day,your body will burn these calories to support basic body function.
  • Physical activity: 25% percent of your calories support movement and physical activities.The frequency and intensity of physical activity can positively changes or negetively affect this aspect.
  • Food processing: 10% percent of calories are expended ingesting,digesting,absorbing,transporting and sort ur calories intake.This is called the THERMIC EFFECT,or the energy your body expands processing the food you eat.For example,if someone eat 2000 calories a day,approximately 10 % percent,or 200 calories,will be used eating and digesting your food.