Friday, June 3, 2011

Understand Metabolism Basics?part..1

Metabolic basics, includes all of the physical and chemical changes in the cells of our body to maintain life.Efficient metabolism requires blood loaded with Oxygen,glucose and nutrients.
Your metabolism is influenced by:

Age : Metabolism naturally slows about 5 % perdecade after age thirty.
Gender : Men generally burn more calories at rest than women.
Muscle mass : The more lean muscle you have,the higher your metabolic rate.
Activity level:The more you exercise,particularly aerobic worlout,the higher your metabolic rate.
Genes : There can be an inherited aspect;some people have sluggish metabolic rates.
Thyroid function : You could have an overactive or underactive thyroid,but this is uncommon.

The good news: If you eat balanced,healthy diet,add exercise(lots of exercise),your metabolism will burn calories like a top-flight engine..vrooommm