Sunday, November 23, 2008

6 Health Checks FOR HIM....

Men can expect to die years earlier that women. This is because of men's reluctance to attend to health checks that help prevent illness or identify serious diseases in time to do something about them. Here are 6 vital checks all men should have....

1 - Cardiovascular Check-Up
Men should have their blood pressure measured once a year, as high blood pressure is a
major factor for heart disease and stroke.

2 - Prostate Check-Up
Prostate cancer is the second most common cancer. So, please do your check-up.

3 - Levels of Blood Sugar
People with undiagnosed and untreate diabetes are at an increased risk for a number of
life-threatening conditions including heart disease and kidney disorders. Because men are
generally less inclined to see their doctor for a diabetes test, many of those who remain
undiagnosed are male.

4 - Lifestyle Reassessment
There are at some point, when we must stop and evaluate how our lifestyle choices may
be affecting our health and this is especially the case for men, who are less likely to
concern themselves with ongoing health maintenance. Smoking, excessive alcohol intake
and poor diet all take their toll and obesity rates doubled.

5 - Testicular Self-Examination (TSE)
Testicular cancer is curable if detected early enough and lumps in the testicles are the
most obvious sign. Examination can be done in the shower and involves rolling the testes
gently between thums and fingers, using both hands. Preferably, please see your doctor.

6 - Colon Cancer Test
Colon cancer is the most common internal cancer.

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faizura said...

yaa. i do c dat. men are rarely take a good n healthy lifestyle. most of them have no concern for this.

Giant said...

Thanks for your comment. Appreciate it...