Thursday, November 27, 2008


I believe that many of us consume herbs daily nowadays. Here are some wonder plants (herbs) can assist you in your food intake. They're full of health benefits.

1 - ULAM RAJA (King Salad)
Full of Vitamin A, calcium and high in antioxidants. It helps to strengthen the bones,
cleanse the blood and air cirdulation and retard bacterial and fungal growth. Eaten raw is
the best way.

2 - DAUN PUDINA (Mint Leaves)
Great in iron, potassium, calcium, vitamins B & C. It's not appropriate for children.
A diuretic, mint aids digestion, urinary and bowel movements. It also helps to relieve
stomach aches and used for aromatherapy purposes, as a remedy for insect bites.
Used to make tea, prepared as a salad mix and garnishing.

3 - DAUN SELOM (Water Celery)
Full of vitamins A, B & C with minerals and rich in antioxidants. Assist in boosting the
immune system and used as a remedy for colds and urinary tract infections. Eaten raw
is good.

4 - DAUN KADUK (Thai Betel Leaves)
Provide calcium and it helps strengthen the bones. Used as a remedy for colds, coughs,
joint pains and toothaches.

5 - DAUN PEGAGA (Indian Pennywort)
Rich in vitamin A, C & K. Includes iron, magnesium and calsium. Helps to alleviate
fatigue and pain from arthritis, reduce the effects of depression and insomnia, improve
memory and concentration and boost circulation.
Used to aid wound healing, clear up the complexion, stimulate the appetite and digestion
It is also believed to have anti-aging and anti-obesity properties.

6 - DAUN KECUR or KENCUR (Kaempferia Leaves)
Great in vitamin A, B & C. Assist to shrink the uterus after childbirth, relieve stomach
aches, wind and regulate periods in women. Used to relieves fever, ulcers, sore throats
and coughs.

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