Monday, September 17, 2007


What do you understand from "Eating according to your Needs"? You need to eat a variety of foods in the right amount daily to ensure that you meet all the nutrients required by your body. Not everybody implement healthy eating though Ministry of Health keep emphasizing through ads, newspapers, tv commercial & etc. It seems that Malaysian still prefer to eat more than what we actually need for our body. A person who does not eat enough may not get sufficient essential nutrients and may lose weight, feel tired and sickly. Eating more that we need especially those energy-giving food may cause in weight gain and a tendency to be less active.

Balance Your Calories
It is important to balance your calorie intake according to age, gender and also refering to your daily activities. These are some example of common food in calories:-

> Fried mee = 660 calories
> Fried rice = 630 calories
> Nasi lemak sambal (1 cup) = 400 calories
> Mee soup (1 bowl) = 380 calories
> Chicken rice (1 plate) = 300 calories
> Roti canai (plain - 1 pcs) = 190 calories
> Capati (1 pcs) = 180 calories
> Karipap (1 pcs) = 120 calories
> Cekodok pisang (1 pcs) = 180 calories
> Fried popia (1 pcs) = 90 calories
> Chicken burger (1 serve) = 420 calories
> Cheese pizza (1 pcs) = 240 calories
> Chicken satay = 35 calories

So, did your intake include most of the above? Well, think about reducing it gradually. Do weigh yourself at least twice a month & wear light clothing. Do you know how to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI)?

BMI = Weight (kg)
Height (cm) x Height (cm)

The desirable range is 18.5 - less than 25.

If your BMI is - less than 18.5 YOUR ARE UNDERWEIGHT
- 18.5 less than 25 NORMAL WEIGHT
- 25 less than 30 OVERWEIGHT
- 30 or more OBESE
(The above guide is only meant for adults aged 18 years & above)

The best time to relook at your daily food intake is to eat according to your needs. Don't over eating and eat enough for your body. My next issue will be EAT RIGHT.

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