Thursday, January 2, 2014

Strategies for successful Weight Management 2014

Managing your weight is part of a healthy lifestyle.It's best to make changes gradually and to has realistic expectation.Some tips can help you get started :-
  • Examine your eating habit.Are meeting the necessary requirement..
  • Portion size matters.Learn what healthy single servings of food should be & adjust your portion sizes.
  • Get active each & everyday.Every moment counts.
  • Incorporate Strength & weight training to increase your lean body mass.
As you improve your daily habits,instead of focusing on changes in your scale weight,notice changes in how you feel.Do you have more energy?Are you getting feeling stronger?Are you sleeping better at night?
 If you are the type who needs a goal in the form of number,such as weight,to keep u motivated,think about measuring your progress in other ways.
Get your cholesterol & blood sugar levels tested.Check whether your resting heart rate and blood pressure levels are going down.Most importantly,know you're doing the best that you can do for your long-term well-being.

Good Luck...Consistent & persistent