Friday, February 1, 2008


Have your ever seen people rushing to the gym and start doing exercises or physical training to the extreme in terms of intensity, frequency and duration? It seems like they are overdoing it? Pushing themselves to the limit that they've shouldn't yet doing it. By doing this, you will end up to see doctor sooner than you thought!

When we over work our bodies, problems will arise as when you exercise beyond your body capability this will tend to effect your physical, chemical and mental imbalance.

The typical signs of overtraining includes:-
* Insomnia
* Aches or pain in the muscle/joints
* Fatigue
* Muschle and eyelid twitches
* Headaches
* Loss of appetite
* Moody, easily irritated
* Loss of enthusiasm for the sport
* Increased incidence of injuries
* No strength or size gains for an extended period of time!!


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