Friday, February 17, 2012

Feel Good Food

If you are feeling low energy,these are the foods to reach for :
Eggs- provide tryptophan,an amino acid that tehe body convert into the feel good chemical call Serotonin,they provide a healthy dose of rich vitamin B,which is boosts our energy level.
Beef - Provide plenty of iron,a mineral that can help to reduce tiredness and fatigue.It also provides high levels of zinc.
Porridge - high in alkaloids and flavanoids,which is boost the feel good effect of the B vitamins in our diet...
Lettuce - contains lactucarium,a substance that can help promote sensations of euphoria.It also containing bone -strengthening Vitamin K.
Sweet Potatoes - have vitamin B6,which has been found to impove low moods and alleviate fatigue.A gerat source of immunity-boosting Vitamin A to our body.
Nuts - most of Brazil nuts are very high level of selenium,the mineral has been linked to improved mood and very with muscle -building protien...