Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Circuit Training

WThis class takes the participant through a series of exercise stations (which could also include strength training), with relatively brief rest intervals between each station. The purpose is to keep the heart rate elevated near the aerobic level without dropping off.

What are the benefits? Circuit training is a complete workout--both cardio and strength training--which saves time. Since the program is fast-paced and offers variety, it can be more interesting than a typical class that focuses on only one aspect (cardio or strength). Exercisers of all fitness levels can enjoy this class, because you can work at your own pace and resistance level.

#We recommend a low impact exercise for all warm-ups
– bike, elliptical machine,rowing,machine,walk (gradually picking up the pace to a fast walk).
#Upper and lower body exercises perform 10-15 reps
– Core exercises perform 10-30 reps.

30 Minute Workout for home, gym, or office
Workout 1
Warm-up 10 minutes
Stretch 5 minutes
Workout 2
Warm-up 10 minutes
Stretch 5 minutes
Circuit 1x
Step-ups (aerobic) 20 sec
Rows (sitting) w/ dumbells
Lumbar extension
Squats w/ Swiss ball
Reverse flies w/ Swiss ball & dumbbells
Plank hold
Hamstring flexion w/ Swiss ball
Crunches w/ Swiss ball
Modified push-ups
Biceps curl
Cool down 5-10 minutes
Stretch 5 minutes
Circuit 1x
Step-ups 20 seconds
Leg lifts
Dumbbell oblique
Dumbbell lateral deltoid raise
Modified lunge
Roman dead lifts with dumbbells
One arm row with bench
Lower abdominal medicine ball twist *
Calf extensions
Chest press with dumbbells
*You can use any type of ball
Cool down 5-10 minutes
Stretch 5 minutes

Keep Healthy and Fit..Every 5 of Malaysian,2 of them is having Obesity.

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