Monday, September 14, 2009

Effective's your decisions.

Made some good diet decisions - now here are ways to make still more:
1) Collect Calorie Bargains - – find three or four lower-calorie versions of what you typically eat three to four times a week and make substitutions you can live with, forever. (Just make sure you don’t overindulge in your newly found Calorie Bargains — that defeats the purpose!) My meal plans have built-in Calorie Bargains, to give you easy, brand-name substitution options that will still keep you on track.
2) Switch Out – replace whole milk with skim, eggs with egg whites, and drink water or no-calorie iced tea instead of soda. FYI: by cutting out one can of soda per day, you can avoid putting on an extra 13 pounds per year in empty calories.
3) Stay Single stock up on single-serving snack foods; never buy in bulk.
4) Learn to Love Labels - required eating makes for required reading. Never eat anything that contains more than 15 calories without thinking about it.
5) Fast Food Is OK – as long as you order smart! Most fast-food restaurant menus offer low-calorie options; learn what they are before you show up to avoid last-minute temptations. My meal plans are designed with built-in recommendations for prepared or fast-food items so you can order on the fly!
BONUS TIP Just For You:
Take a Walk – walking is the number one form of activity to control weight. Locate all parks, recreation centers, bike and hiking paths in your area, and use them! A three-minute walk after each meal can save you as much as four pounds less body fat per year.

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