Friday, January 11, 2008


Senaman Tua is a unique malay traditional exercise. It changes the perception of healthy life style among our community nowadays.

Abang Azlan Ghanie is the founder of Senaman Tua that he has been taught by his late father, Abdul Ghanie bin Abu Bakar. He is the editor and publisher of Majalah Seni Bela Diri. He has been implementing Senaman Tua since his early years. It has also been the exercise implemented by those warrior (pendekar-pendekar) in the old days.

Senaman Tua has beed proved that it helps preventing and curing illness these days and also helps in increasing fitness level. It also helps in the rehabilitation in sports injuries, substantial cardiovaskular system and flexibility.

It has help soo many people and a very big THANK YOU to Abang Azlan Ghanie for his guidance and support.

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